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Oracle ASM vs ZFS on XtremIO

Background In my previous post on ZFS I showed how ZFS causes fragmentation for Oracle database files. At the end I promised (sort of) to also come back on topic around how this affects database performance. In the meantime I have been busy with many other things, but ZFS issues still [...]

Getting the Best Oracle performance on XtremIO

(Blog repost from Virtual Storage Zone – Thanks to @cincystorage) UPDATE: I’ll say it again because there seems to be some confusion: THIS IS A REPOST! Original content is from the Virtual Storage Zone blog (not mine). Just reposted here because it’s interesting and related to Oracle, performance and EMC storage. [...]

Xtreme performance voor SQL Server

Levert uw infrastructuur de performance die Microsoft applicaties nodig hebben? Werkt u nog met JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks)? Bent u benieuwd hoe Microsoft zelf omgaat met het performance vraagstuk voor intensieve SQL Server omgevingen? Onlangs heb ik een stuk gelezen over een aantal testen die Microsoft zelf gedaan [...]

Why You Should XPECT MORE – EMC XtremIO is Now Generally A...

Today, EMC announced general availability of the XtremIO (aka Project X)  –  all-flash storage array, redefining what’s possible with all-flash array storage. Flash is supposed to be fast, but with XtremIO customers get much more than just speed – XtremIO … Continue reading → Author information Josh Goldstein VP Marketing & Product Management, [...]