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Software-defined Storage: Sprookje of realiteit?

De laatste tijd is de term overal te vinden: SDDC oftewel Software-defined Datacenter. Het idee hiervan is een geweldige: Zodra compute, storage en networking binnen het datacenter via software gedefinieerd kan worden, kunnen we alles dynamisch opbouwen, configureren, schalen en afbreken. Alle “slimmigheden” zitten hier in software, met daaronder slechts [...]

‘Drie vragen aan’: Tim Page, Executive Vice Pres...

Tim Page is Executive Vice President Global Sales bij VCE. Hij was onlangs in Nederland om te spreken over servervirtualisatie tijdens een event in Amsterdam. Wij stelden hem drie vragen over servervirtualisatie en de stand van zaken in datacenterland. VCE is eigendom van vier grote, vooraanstaande leveranciers. Een dergelijke [...]

Why clone databases for firefighting

As more and more customers are moving their mission-critical Oracle database workloads to virtualized infrastructure, I often get asked how to deal with Oracle’s requirement to reproduce issues on a physical environment (especially if they use VMware as virtualization platform – as mentioned in Oracle Support Note # 249212.1). In some [...]

Looking back and forward

I have been enjoying a short holiday in which I decided to totally disconnect from work for a while and re-charge my battery. So while many bloggers and authors in our industry were making predictions for 2013, I was doing some other stuff and blogging was not part of that [...]