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EMC Helps Bring the Benefits of VMware vSphere APIs for IO F...

Written by: Jonathan Siegal, Vice President, Primary Storage Marketing, EMC Core Technologies Peter Smails, Vice President, Data Protection Marketing, EMC Core Technologies Today, VMware announced the availability of third-party virtual data services through integration with VMware VMware vSphere APIs for IO filtering, and EMC is already demonstrating how it can deliver benefits to [...]

Virtual Desktops Just Got Simpler

I’ve become a nomad. Wherever I work, and whatever device I use, my virtual desktop follows me. That freedom to access my desktop, applications, and data from anywhere helps me make the most of my workday. Now the EMC Federation has made it much easier for customers to deploy virtual desktops [...]

Introducing Outrun for Oracle

Overview If you want to get your hands dirty with Oracle database, the first thing you have to do is build a system that actually runs Oracle database. Unless you have done that several times before, chances are that this will take considerable time spent on trial-and-error, several reinstalls, fixing install [...]

Rapid ScaleIO Innovation Improves Performance and Ease of Us...

It’s here! EMC ScaleIO 1.31 is now generally available. You may be wondering about the benefits of this change—specifically, how much performance improvement is gained?  This release provides a 2X performance improvement in VMware environments from an IO perspective and … Continue reading → Author information Sam Grocott SVP, EMC Emerging Technology Division [...]