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Keeping the Good News Coming: EMC VSPEX Expands Support for ...

Lately  it seems like we’re doing something new with VSPEX every day.  And if it isn’t us, it’s our VSPEX-enabled partners. Today is no different — We’re excited to announce that VSPEX solutions for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint will … Continue reading → Author information Adrian Simays Senior Manager, Microsoft Technical Enablement [...]

Why clone databases for firefighting

As more and more customers are moving their mission-critical Oracle database workloads to virtualized infrastructure, I often get asked how to deal with Oracle’s requirement to reproduce issues on a physical environment (especially if they use VMware as virtualization platform – as mentioned in Oracle Support Note # 249212.1). In some [...]

VMware is really expensive

A while ago somebody forwarded me a research paper from an “independent” research firm in which the cost of VMware and Oracle VM were compared. Interesting! Now you might wonder why, as someone working for EMC, I would care about such comparisons. Why would I be bothered by VMware in the [...]

Stop Idling – Start Saving

One of my missions is to help customers saving money (Dirty Cache Cash). So considering the average enterprise application environment, I frequently ask them where they spend most of their IT budget on. Is it servers? Networks? Middleware? Applications? Turns out that if you look at the operating cost of an [...]