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RSA Web Threat Detection: Separating Customers from Criminal...

Increasingly, organizations are relying on web and mobile channels to communicate and engage with customers and partners.  So often we focus our security efforts on the internal infrastructure, we forget that web portals and mobile applications offer an easy way … Continue reading → Author information Amy Blackshaw Product Marketing Manager, Fraud & [...]

3 vragen aan Rashmi Knowles

Volgende week donderdag 24 april vindt de RSA Security Summit plaats in Amsterdam. Tijdens dit evenement worden de laatste ontwikkelingen op het gebied van informatiebeveiliging en voor het managen van risico’s besproken. Rashmi Knowles, RSA Chief Security Architect, is een van de sprekers. Wij stelden haar alvast drie vragen over [...]

Putting an end to the password jungle

With my blog audience all being experts in the IT industry (I presume), I think we are all too familiar with the problems of classic password security mechanisms. Humans are just not good at remembering long meaningless strings of tokens, especially if they need to be changed every so many months [...]

RSA & Pivotal: Big Data and Security Done Right

You can’t move  these days without some vendor or another talking about Big Data and security. It’s often pretty meaningless stuff, with very little practical advice  or insight into actual benefits. Today, though, RSA and Pivotal released a reference architecture … Continue reading → Author information Paul Stamp Director, Product Marketing at RSA The [...]

A New Generation of Managed Security Services for Advanced C...

Enterprises in nearly every industry are becoming more aware that their basic perimeter- and signature-based security tools aren’t doing enough to keep malware and sophisticated attackers at bay. Some have learned the hard way through cyber breaches that have not … Continue reading → Author information David Mitchell Senior Marketing Manager at RSA The [...]