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You Can’t Lose When You Commit to Customers

I recently attended the Technology Services World (TSW) 2014 Service Transformation conference in Las Vegas, where I had the opportunity to meet with IT industry peers to share insights and knowledge. I’m happy to report that EMC was recognized for … Continue reading → Author information Kevin Roche Senior Vice President, Global Services [...]

Digitale disruptie

‘Digitalisering is meer dan het toevoegen van apps’ Afgelopen week vond het Fusion CEO-CIO symposium, dat helemaal was uitverkocht, plaats. Het thema was ‘Protecting your organization against digital disruption’, ofwel hoe digitalisering hele nieuwe bedrijfsmodellen mogelijk maakt. Een app ontwikkelen om een bestaand proces te ondersteunen is handig en efficiënt, maar betekent [...]

EMC Technology Boosts Performance, Becomes An Enabler For Bu...

For companies doing business online, client experience is critical. In fact, industry studies have shown that if the online experience is not optimal in performance and usability, the outcome is dissatisfied clients. As a Principal Architect for RegEd, a provider … Continue reading → Author information Jim Olevano Principal Architect at RegEd The [...]