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VMAX, VPLEX, and RecoverPoint — Driving More Trust for Mis...

As we finalize preparations for EMC World 2013 starting next Monday in Las Vegas, we cap an intense year of innovation at EMC’s Enterprise Storage Division by launching new VMAX and VPLEX features, with a powerful new RecoverPoint 4.0 (see … Continue reading → Author information Peter C. Conway VP and COO, Product [...]

RecoverPoint 4.0 Changes the Replication Economics for VNX

Today is a great day for the legions of customers around the world who love and rely on EMC RecoverPoint as their data protection solution of choice. The new EMC RecoverPoint 4.0 provides EMC VNX unified storage customers’ savings up-to … Continue reading → Author information Peter C. Conway VP and COO, Product [...]

EMC Data Domain and EMC SourceOne: Taking Data Protection to...

Today, EMC announced updates to EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems and EMC SourceOne archiving software, changing the data protection game by delivering enhanced backup and archiving performance and efficiency, an expanded partner ecosystem, and reduced cost and complexity. There … Continue reading → Author information Peter Smails Senior Director, Product Marketing, Backup [...]

EMC Data Protection Advisor 6: Vigilance Was Never So Simple

Any IT administrator or application owner who can’t instantaneously verify that vital business data is not properly protected is leaving both themselves and their data exposed. It’s that simple. It’s a perilous and potentially very costly situation. Today, EMC announced (meer…)

Why clone databases for firefighting

As more and more customers are moving their mission-critical Oracle database workloads to virtualized infrastructure, I often get asked how to deal with Oracle’s requirement to reproduce issues on a physical environment (especially if they use VMware as virtualization platform – as mentioned in Oracle Support Note # 249212.1). In some [...]