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March Madness and the Backup Players Who Make it Happen

March Madness is upon us. And for those of us carrying around our brackets, streaming video highlights over PCs and phones at work, or binging on back-to-back games at home, we know just how maddening it can get. It consumes … Continue reading → Author information EMC Pulse TwitterFacebookGoogle+ The post March Madness and [...]

Teachers Credit Union Turns to EMC for Reliable Anywhere, An...

Smartphones and mobile banking have made most consumers quite accustomed to –even expecting to– getting access to data anytime, anywhere. This in turn has pushed the financial services industry further to offer customers a variety of other services at their … Continue reading → Author information Dan Rousseve SVP- Chief Information Officer at [...]

Five EMC Customers Who Redefined Storage and Computing in 20...

With 2015 in full swing, many a New Year’s resolution has already vanished into the ether. But a few remain intact and nonnegotiable. For example, many IT leaders have resolved to invigorate their companies and organizations through innovations in hybrid … Continue reading → Author information EMC Pulse TwitterFacebookGoogle+ The post Five EMC Customers [...]

You Can’t Lose When You Commit to Customers

I recently attended the Technology Services World (TSW) 2014 Service Transformation conference in Las Vegas, where I had the opportunity to meet with IT industry peers to share insights and knowledge. I’m happy to report that EMC was recognized for … Continue reading → Author information Kevin Roche Senior Vice President, Global Services [...]

Bringing It All Back Home: Risk Management Solutions Makes S...

RMS develops large, complex catastrophe models to help the insurance and financial industries understand risk and prepare for the financial impact of catastrophes. Working with highly detailed models and tons of data in regulated industries, our cloud strategy is crucial. … Continue reading → Author information Paris Georgallis Cloud Platform Operations Senior Vice [...]