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Baking a cake: trading CPU for IO?

Sometimes I hear people claim that by using faster storage, you can save on database licenses. True or false? The idea is that many database servers are suffering from IO wait – which actually means that the processors are waiting for data to be transferred to or from storage – and [...]

Oracle, VMware and sub-server partitioning

Last week (during EMC world) a discussion came up on Twitter around Oracle licensing and whether Oracle would support CPU affinity as a way to license subsets of a physical server these days. @sam_lucido @EMCOracle @CacheFlush is #VMware and accepted hypervisor for #oracle hard partitioning these days? thought they weren't— Andre [...]

Getting the most out of your server resources

As an advocate on database virtualization, I often challenge customers to consider if they are using their resources in an optimal way. And so I usually claim, often in front of a skeptical audience, that physically deployed servers hardly ever reach an average utilization of more than 20 per cent (thereby [...]

Next Generation Datacenter

Met VPLEX is het mogelijk de passieve storage infrastructuur actief te gebruiken, hierdoor kunnen applicaties die geografisch gescheiden zijn actief blijven, onafhankelijk van onderliggende storage technologieën en onderbrekingen. Het is alweer een paar jaar geleden dat EMC in het bezit kwam van een nieuwe technologie dat we vandaag de dag kennen [...]