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De katalysatoren van de Hybride cloud.

We spreken tegenwoordig veel over hybride clouds, maar wat voor betekenis heeft dat eigenlijk voor de bedrijfsorganisatie? Op 19 mei aanstaande organiseren we een openbare Twitter-chat hierover in een #HybridCloudChat. Een nieuwe manier om met klanten en andere geïnteresseerden via Twitter gedachten, ideeën en mogelijkheden uit te wisselen over wat [...]

Want To Stand Up New Services Fast? Federation Enterprise Hy...

Last year we demonstrated we could build a hybrid cloud fast at EMC World. In a controlled environment with pre-planning, we did it in 48 hours. Then we proved we could plan, scope and implement it fast to customers at … Continue reading → Author information Peter Cutts Vice President, Cloud Solutions at [...]

Cloudy with a Chance of Data Protection Sunshine

Remember when data protection was simple? All computers, servers, and applications were securely tethered to the corporate network and the critical data they generated rested snugly within the safety of your datacenter.  Make a backup copy to tape every night, … Continue reading → Author information Russ Stockdale General Manager, Mozy by EMC The [...]

New Frontiers in Cloud Object Storage with EMC Elastic Cloud...

EMC has been a leader in object storage since the beginning, with the EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) Appliance helping bridge the gap between hardware and software for a software-defined approach. Today we announce upgrades to the software that powers … Continue reading → Author information Sam Grocott SVP, EMC Emerging Technology Division [...]

Inovalon and EMC Federation Redefine Healthcare through Mass...

Inovalon’s cloud-based data analytics and data-driven intervention platforms play an integral role in the evolution of the healthcare industry. No other company offers the combination of large proprietary datasets, advanced data integration technologies, sophisticated predictive analytics and deep subject matter … Continue reading → Author information Joe Rostock Chief Technology Officer at Inovalon, [...]