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Software-defined Storage: Sprookje of realiteit?

De laatste tijd is de term overal te vinden: SDDC oftewel Software-defined Datacenter. Het idee hiervan is een geweldige: Zodra compute, storage en networking binnen het datacenter via software gedefinieerd kan worden, kunnen we alles dynamisch opbouwen, configureren, schalen en afbreken. Alle “slimmigheden” zitten hier in software, met daaronder slechts [...]

EMC Helps Canadian Health Giant Tame Medical Imaging Beast, ...

Over the past several years, medical imaging has advanced dramatically as technological innovation has enabled super-fine resolutions for X-rays, CAT scans and other diagnostic tests. This medical revolution, however, comes with a price: namely massive data growth.  According to ESG, … Continue reading → Author information Jen Sorenson The post EMC Helps Canadian [...]

VSPEX Sprouts Fresh Exotic Produce, And So Much More

To get the tastiest, healthiest produce, it’s imperative that fruits and vegetables arrive at their final destination without delay. As one of the UK’s largest distributors of fresh produce, Minor, Weir & Willis (MWW) knows this like no other. So … Continue reading → Author information Jen Sorenson The post VSPEX Sprouts Fresh [...]

Keeping the Good News Coming: EMC VSPEX Expands Support for ...

Lately  it seems like we’re doing something new with VSPEX every day.  And if it isn’t us, it’s our VSPEX-enabled partners. Today is no different — We’re excited to announce that VSPEX solutions for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint will … Continue reading → Author information Adrian Simays Senior Manager, Microsoft Technical Enablement [...]