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Storage: back to the future

Digitale data-opslag was jarenlang gebaseerd op magnetische techniek. Mainframes gebruikten magnetische tapes om data op te slaan. Later kwamen magnetische disks die roterend de magnetische laag aan een lees- en schrijfkop aanboden. Diskette en kleinere diskdrives ontstonden om goedkoper en sneller data te lezen en schrijven. Rond 1990 kwam de client-server [...]

Previewing EMC’s Presence at Splunk.CONF 2015

The companies that are winning in their industries and driving innovation in our world are those that find ways to extract value from data.  Splunk has emerged as the most widely-used and one of the fastest-growing platforms for extracting value from machine-generated data.  Some have called it the “easy button” [...]

Big Data Game Changer: Federation Business Data Lake

Today, the world thrives on data.  Analytics can build competitive advantage, accelerate revenue growth, and even create entirely new industries. But it’s one thing to generate and store a lot of data; it’s another thing altogether to turn it into … Continue reading → Author information Josh Kahn SVP, Global Solutions at EMC The [...]

Inovalon and EMC Federation Redefine Healthcare through Mass...

Inovalon’s cloud-based data analytics and data-driven intervention platforms play an integral role in the evolution of the healthcare industry. No other company offers the combination of large proprietary datasets, advanced data integration technologies, sophisticated predictive analytics and deep subject matter … Continue reading → Author information Joe Rostock Chief Technology Officer at Inovalon, [...]

EMC Stands Up New Network Functions Virtualization Technolog...

The trends of cloud, mobile, social media and Big Data are driving organizations in every industry to adapt to shifting competitive landscapes, new customer expectations, and disruptions in the economics of doing business. One of the industries that is arguably … Continue reading → Author information John Roese Senior Vice President and Chief [...]