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They’ve Arrived! New EMC Isilon Products To Expand The Dat...

We promised them in early 2016, and they’re already here: IsilonSD Edge, Isilon OneFS 8.0 and Isilon CloudPools are available today. Together, these products can transform the way organizations store and use data — whether at the edge, the core or the cloud – by harnessing the power of the [...]

The Pit and the Podium: EMC Puts Converged Infrastructure in...

A winning Formula 1 car is built with 80,000 parts and components that must perform together at speeds of over 200 mph. To support the success of such a technologically advanced racing car, a wealth of compute, storage and network technologies are required to analyze data, aid design, support manufacturing, [...]

De slimme machine

De Duitsers encrypten in de Tweede Wereldoorlog al hun militaire berichten met de zeer vernuftige Enigma-machine. Duizenden gecodeerde berichten werden per dag verzonden en de Engelsen waren erop gebrand die encryptie te kraken. De man die daar uiteindelijk de leiding aan gaf, was Alan Turing. Het was een gevecht van machine [...]

Storage: back to the future

Digitale data-opslag was jarenlang gebaseerd op magnetische techniek. Mainframes gebruikten magnetische tapes om data op te slaan. Later kwamen magnetische disks die roterend de magnetische laag aan een lees- en schrijfkop aanboden. Diskette en kleinere diskdrives ontstonden om goedkoper en sneller data te lezen en schrijven. Rond 1990 kwam de client-server [...]

Previewing EMC’s Presence at Splunk.CONF 2015

The companies that are winning in their industries and driving innovation in our world are those that find ways to extract value from data.  Splunk has emerged as the most widely-used and one of the fastest-growing platforms for extracting value from machine-generated data.  Some have called it the “easy button” [...]