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Tales from the past – Overheated Datacenter

A long time ago in a datacenter far, far away…. It is a period of digital revolution. Rebel Dot Com companies, striking from hidden basements and secret lofts, have won their first fights against long-standing evil corporate empires. During the battles, rebel geeks have managed to invent secret technology to replace corporations old ultimate weapons, such [...]

Comparing database replication features

It’s still a hot topic in my customer conversations: Should we use Oracle Data Guard or something else for providing disaster recovery? I’ve written an explanation a while ago. Recently I also created a powerpoint slide comparing various features – in an attempt to be as unbiased as possible (I think [...]

Oracle Data Placement on XtremIO

Many customers these days are implementing Oracle on XtremIO so they benefit from excellent, predictable performance and other benefits such as inline compression and deduplication, snapshots, ease of use etc. Those benefits come at a price and if you just consider XtremIO on a usable gigabyte basis, it does not come [...]