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Bart Sjerps

Bart Sjerps

On a never-ending mission to drive cost reduction and improved service levels to our customers. This can be applied to any technology - but I specialize on optimizing Oracle Database deployment at our customers, and offering alternatives for classic Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence initiatives. Take a look at my blog to find out how. Specialismen Oracle, performance tuning, virtualization & cloud computing. The keyword is Efficiency - lean & mean.

Interview with Madora

A while ago I was interviewed by Kay Williams of Madora Consulting. As many customers are overwhelmed by licensing, audit and compliancy issues, I highly recommend my EMEA readers to reach out to Madora if you need independent assistance in that area. In the interview we discussed a bit of my background, [...]

Tales from the past – Disaster Recovery testing

A long time ago in a datacenter far, far away…. Turmoil has engulfed the IT landscape. Within the newly formed digital universe, corporate empires are becoming more and more dependent on their digital data and computer systems. To avoid downtime when getting hit by an evil strike, the corporations are starting to build disaster recovery [...]

Introducing Outrun for Oracle

Overview If you want to get your hands dirty with Oracle database, the first thing you have to do is build a system that actually runs Oracle database. Unless you have done that several times before, chances are that this will take considerable time spent on trial-and-error, several reinstalls, fixing install [...]

Tales from the past – Overheated Datacenter

A long time ago in a datacenter far, far away…. It is a period of digital revolution. Rebel Dot Com companies, striking from hidden basements and secret lofts, have won their first fights against long-standing evil corporate empires. During the battles, rebel geeks have managed to invent secret technology to replace corporations old ultimate weapons, such [...]

Comparing database replication features

It’s still a hot topic in my customer conversations: Should we use Oracle Data Guard or something else for providing disaster recovery? I’ve written an explanation a while ago. Recently I also created a powerpoint slide comparing various features – in an attempt to be as unbiased as possible (I think [...]